Accepted papers

The Man-Machine Relationship on the Web: Motivation to Use the Internet
Figueiredo, Jorge; Cardoso, António; Pocinho, Margarida; Oliveira, Isabel

Scalability of IoT Systems: Do Execution Costs Predict the Quality of Service?
Safiya, Al Sharji; Ahmed, Al-Qasmi; Huda, Al Shuaily; Kennedy, E. Ehimwenma

A competency definition based on the knowledge, skills, and human dispositions constructs
Pereira, Teresa; Amaral, Antonio; Mendes, Isabel

Cybersecurity Challenges in Healthcare Medical Devices
Longras, Ana; Pereira, Teresa; Pereira Da Silva Amaral António Manuel

New method for probability demand of end-consumers estimation in residential zone
Galkin, Andrii

Transient Session Key Derivation Protocol for Key Escrow Prevention in Public Key Infrastructure
MA, Junchao; Nyangaresi, Vincent

Guidelines to Develop Consumers Cyber Resilience Capabilities in The IoE Ecosystem
Stavrou, Eliana

Perspectives on the Internet of Everything
Kiesler, Natalie; Impagliazzo, John

A WSN real-time monitoring system approach for measuring Indoor Air Quality using the Internet of Things
Brito, Thadeu; Biondo, Elias; Nakano, Alberto; Lima, Jose

Evaluating CoAP, OSCORE, DTLS and HTTPS for Secure Device Communication
Singh, Bhupjit; Nedergaard, Kristofer

The influence of the image and photography of E-Commerce products on the purchase decision of online consumers
Sousa Pereira, Manuel; Cardoso, António; Fernandes, Carlota; Rodrigues, Sandra; D´Orey, Frederico

Empowering student-centred conceptual and procedural knowledge/skills development: Challenges and exemplars in technology-enhanced constructivist environment
Jamaludin, Junainah; Chin, Chee Keong; Ng, Khar Thoe; Lay, Yoon Fah; Cyril, Nelson; Pang, Yee Jiea; Kumar, Rajendra; Choong, Careemah; Anggoro, Subuh

Water Quality Monitoring for a Smart Environement